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Member since: November 4, 2008
Last visit: July 14, 2013
Name: Nay
Gender: Female
Location: Amsterdam
Country: Netherlands
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Meet Me Halfway

Meet Me Halfway

Published on: 11/15/2009

Live@TMF Awards 2009

Live@TMF Awards 2009

Published on: 09/01/2009

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07/17/13 @125
Hi Nay :)
Yes, I'm still happy with it! I agree about "difficult decisions" - I can't decide whether I want to keep it this length (or even cut shorter) or to grow it back...
I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! Do tell me when you hear something from them :)
The economy is not really great. But since my speciality is foreign languages, I guess I'll always be able to work as a teacher or secretary, so I won't be out of job. But that's not what I want. I plan on working a year or two here in Russia and then I'll most likely take a Master's degree in France or Netherlands (or maybe somewhere else), depending on the language I'll choose next. Dutch must be a bit easier for me if I'm already learning German, right?
Vlad said he had got an alarm that this site might harm your computer. I'm sure they fixed it already, but yeah, the site is close to its death. We need to find another place.
Take care! *hugs*
06/04/13 @869
Wow, your hair sure grows fast! o_O I got used to having short(ish) hair, just like you said - I think I don't even remember what it's like, having long hair.

I'm really glad you can say you're a happier person now! Maybe you found your vocation and it was, well, destined for you to teach? Will you have to pass exams to get into the school?

I'm in my third year, and I have one more year to go. Haha, so partying is what students usually do? I'm way too introverted for that. Lazying, on the other hand... But yes, it is possible to take a year off (by faking a pregnancy, for example), but I won't do it. I don't want to miss a year only to continue with a whole group of new people who I don't know at all.

Sorry it took me a month to reply! I have to finish a million projects before the end of the semester D:
05/28/13 @635
Hi Nay! :) I'm good, thanx. Yes, it was fun and I got a smartphone (my first one). How are you?

So, what about that pedagogical work? Can you participate?

Do you still get attacks from the site?

Take care. Talk soon I hope. *hugs*

And sorry for the late reply, it's been a while since I logged in here.
05/06/13 @704
Thank you Nay! I'm glad you remembered! How are you?

About your previous text, dont worry, I'll always reply to you, sooner or later :)

That sounds interesting, pedagogical work. I hope you can participate.

And about kings and queens, I'm not into that. At all. In the XXI st century, these people are completely out-of-time, they are an anachronism. They talked about the new king in Belgian, French, Spanish,... news. I also heard that in Holland most people like the royal family.

In Spain, lots of people (me included) wish we could vote to choose between a kingdom or a republic. No doubt I'll vote for the republic. The spanish royal family is corrupted to the core, the kings is an elephant killer,... I hate them!

Thanks again, Nay! *hugs*
05/03/13 @827
Yeah, I also died it with henna, hence the warm colour on the second picture. And this is my third message in a row, so I should probably go
05/03/13 @824
Meh, fucked up the second link, so here it is again: click.

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